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Flying Backpack

Creating the perfect backpack for a travelling paraglider pilot is a challenge. Manufacturer’s approaches only go so far, which is why globetrotter pilots have created their own solutions. Though I don’t want to dive too much into DIY details how I created mine, I’d like to share my thoughts and experiences for some inspiration. Let’s…

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The Magic Bag

The idea of “survival packets” isn’t exactly new, but I like to put things a bit less dramatic since in 35 years I never got into situations where I had to improvise a fishing rod. I’m not saying that all the tough survival shit is useless – I did learn it myself -, but during…

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All in one

Men, especially Germans, like multi-tools. Must be a boy scout gene. But the right choice is not as easy as it seems to be. The original Swiss army knives are world famous because of their superior quality. But since they are mostly sold to city people these days, they are often overloaded with features which…

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The dream of flying is as old as mankind, and a paraglider provides the easiest and most natural way to fulfil it. You can carry your “aircraft” on your back, launch from a mountain, stay airborne for hours and cover some hundred kilometres distance. There is no engine noise, and your view isn’t obstructed by…

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4×4 walk

Do you still smirk at hikers who use these trekking sticks? Let me explain why it might be time to reconsider. Sticks improve balance. That doesn’t mean you have to lean on them with your full weight because you’d stumble otherwise, but the feedback from your hands is faster and more intense than from your…

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Natural soothing

Being an outdoor enthusiast comes with a price. Abrasions, burns, insect stings and bites or other injuries happen quickly and they can be very distracting at the wrong moment. If you see an aloe growing, soothing is close in reach. Just cut one of the thick leaves, squeeze it gently at the cut and apply…

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Submerged and elevated

After some days the wind softens enough for boats to go out. We’re on our way to meet dolphins! Our guide knows every pod, and they know her as well. As we enter the water it’s a life changing experience. It’s quiet, but we hear the clicking and rasping noises of our companions who approach…

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Off to Moz

The journey begins in Johannesburg. Retrieving the vehicle takes a while and so we hit the full Jozie traffic experience while the sun is already on the edge. This, too, can be an experience. The next day we reach Kosi Bay (where we meet Ray who runs a charming guest lodge) and cross the border…

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