Be smart!

You don't always need super survival skills to enjoy outdoor adventures, but there is a whole world of smart tricks (and tools as well) which make live easier. Let me share some of them.

About malaria…

11. May 2017

Malaria is a common threat for everyone travelling the central parts of Africa, especially in lower regions. Global warming also moves the ceiling for the endangered areas slowly upwards, so that you should reconsider rules…

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4×4 walk

8. May 2017

Do you still smirk at hikers who use these trekking sticks? Let me explain why it might be time to reconsider. Sticks improve balance. That doesn’t mean you have to lean on them with your…

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Natural soothing

8. May 2017

Being an outdoor enthusiast comes with a price. Abrasions, burns, insect stings and bites or other injuries happen quickly and they can be very distracting at the wrong moment. If you see an aloe growing,…

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