Be prepared!

Your adventure, comfort, health and safety benefit from the right gear, and there has been some tremendous development in the field. Learn which tools and gadgets work best.

Flying Backpack

28. April 2018

Creating the perfect backpack for a travelling paraglider pilot is a challenge. Manufacturer’s approaches only go so far, which is why globetrotter pilots have created their own solutions. Though I don’t want to dive too…

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The Magic Bag

14. May 2017

The idea of “survival packets” isn’t exactly new, but I like to put things a bit less dramatic since in 35 years I never got into situations where I had to improvise a fishing rod.…

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All in one

13. May 2017

Men, especially Germans, like multi-tools. Must be a boy scout gene. But the right choice is not as easy as it seems to be. The original Swiss army knives are world famous because of their…

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