Submerged and elevated

After some days the wind softens enough for boats to go out. We’re on our way to meet dolphins! Our guide knows every pod, and they know her as well. As we enter the water it’s a life changing experience. It’s quiet, but we hear the clicking and rasping noises of our companions who approach without fear, perfectly adapted to their three-dimensional space. Like with all my flights with eagles and vultures, I feel humble and grateful to share a natural space with these peaceful, confident and gorgeous creatures.

The surface is one thing. The reefs down there are another. Strong currents require fast descents, but hey, it’s worth it. Even though the sight is limited due to the season, the marine life is stunning. There is still enough daylight to savour the swarms of coloured fish, reef sharks, groupers. A moray lurks out of its hide, and even a tiger shark comes to look at us. Or was it the other way round?

What goes down, must come up. On the cliff over the dive base we discover a smooth place to launch our gliders. Not too high to face nitrogen related dangers, only the wind is pretty strong. Ray has come from Kosi Bay to join us, and after some playtime we unpack the tandem. Soaring high above our dive ground we spot whales at the horizon. Earth, sea, air, all at once – what a bliss!

Soon the wind picks up and we end up at a Moz pilot style braai…

As the dawn settles we have a sundowner in a local bar. One of the local guys has brought us some fresh prawns which we cook in the camp. Life is great!


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