About me and the blog

So you are curious. I’m Stefan from Germany, and I’m happy to meet you. Thank you for visiting this not so prominent page 🙂

There is not much to be known about me except this: I have been infected with the adventure virus at boy’s age. Blame Hemingway and H.R.Haggard, but also my parents who both came from the boy scout organisation. When the first opportunity of real travelling came across to me in 1981 at the age of eighteen, there was only one possible choice: it had to be Africa. And so I went on my first safari, exploring Kenia with my dad and a handful of other guys in small tents. Tracking game before sunrise, dealing with elephants roaming the field kitchen, shaking scorpions out of the boots in the morning – I was hooked!

Travelling and adventure have always been part of my life – but not exactly like spanning a big net over the globe, ticking as many countries as possible. It’s more like getting somewhere, meeting people, getting drawn into the place and coming back to extend the experience. Often on my own, always linked to some specific kind of outdoor – some say extreme – activity. For some reason, I never wrote about it.

Some years ago I had the luck and privilege to meet the love of my life, that formidable, beautiful woman from South Africa, her being an even more experienced traveller than I am. Since then we shared most of the adventures – sleeping in the boot of a car on the way to Amsterdam, hiking onto alpine summits, roaming in an inflatable between whales. She introduced me to my spiritual side, I try to help with my extreme sports experience (though I am getting older). She’s a writer, too, and she came up with the idea of creating a travel blog – if not covering the past, at least to share the presence. So here we go.

This is not about creating the most spectacular website or bragging with GoPro stunts. It probably won’t become a literary discovery either (also because I am, after all, not native English speaking which might lead to some funny results). But I love the idea to share – only in terms of travelling – what happens now, where I go, what I learn, what amazes me and which mistakes somebody, maybe you, might avoid by looking at mine. Feel free to come with me, here – we might even meet, one day, somewhere on the globe…


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