What is a "Karma flight"?

2015.01 - RSA - Phumlani airborne

So you have flown with me. Like a bird, no carbon footprint, no noise pollution. Well done - but consider this:

I don't charge my passengers, but equipment, insurance, checks and training easily sum up to 2k Euros per year. I'm taking passengers up to improve my karma. You can improve yours, too, by passing today's joy to others.

Maybe you feel like helping others by working in a grassroot project. If your account is well balanced you might support a social or environmental project. And if you can't afford either of both, just lend the next best person a helping hand or offer a kind smile.

I don't even want to know what your personal approach will be. Just do what you can, and try making the world a better place 🙂

Get inspired

Here is a brief gallery of some projects which I consider helpful, kind, humane, fascinating - or all of it. Feel free to browse and let yourself be inspired...

Save the kangaroo!

This is a placeholder for the first project outside Germany!

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Smiling at people

This would be the frst karamaflight supported project with multilingual description…

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